The 6 Surprising Things You'll Need (for a Roadtrip)

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Packing for a road trip is a process, and not having a car for years did not prepare me well.  Luckily, we were never in the wilderness long, and could make periodic stops to pick up the next thing we remembered.  Hopefully, our problems will become your easy solutions!  As usual, some of the cheapest items we brought along ended up being our life savers, what are your long journey hacks?

  1. Dollar store picnic table covers.  This ended up being the handiest thing we brought.  Get a few, they're great to protect the floor of your car, to throw on the ground after rain, to add a layer between you and the heat or cold at night, to make curtains, and probably ten more things we didn't think about.
  2. If you're bringing a camp stove, spend a little extra on one with a wind cover.  We did not, and ended up with uncooked eggs on more than one occasion.

3.  Some kind of notebook (or three).  Even if you're like me and your journaling is more of a to-do list with added thoughts and sketches thrown in, looking over it later will still bring memories flooding back.  For years, I have used this one, and adore the layout.

4.  External charger.  Even if you, like us, are planning to use this trip to disconnect, and, like us, think you don't need one.  Think again.  Even if you do manage to "disconnect", it's likely your only device for alarms, flashlights, and mapping systems.  Mix that with going in and out of service for a few days without a wall plug and you are definitely going to need a portable charger.  A good one.  This one holds a few charges, let's you charge 2 things at once, and has a flashlight.

5.  Jumper cables.  We learned this the hard way...

6.  One more cheap blanket than you think you need.  Jackson made fun of me for bringing my nice duster jacket on the trip, but was suddenly very grateful the first 37F night, when my jacket was the only thing between us and the metal trunk door.  


Above all, know that you can't remember everything, and that's okay.  Some trips will be easier, and some harder, but they will never, ever go according to plan.  Everything takes a little longer and is a little more expensive than you expect.  Hopefully this list will save you some of both.  Do you have any road trip tips?  

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