The Oyster Shack - Isle of Skye

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This place wasn’t on our list, but it should have been.  After looking it up after our visit, we kicked ourselves for not searching Scottish seafood earlier.  Let our happy accident serve as your warning. Get yourself to The Oyster Shack. Quick.

As it was, a pit stop at the Talisker distillery, a taste for oysters and adventure, and a well placed sign lead us to this revered shack.  Nestled in a hill behind the whiskey haven in what must have previously been a garage is some of the freshest, most delicious seafood we have had the pleasure of eating. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise- an island that is as chilly and undisturbed as the Isle of Skye would have great seafood, but our minds were elsewhere and this little joint absolutely floored us.

Isle of Skye- The Oyster Shack- Scotland- travel- A Day Away.jpg


The establishment:

  • This place doesn’t look like much from the start, but around the side of the building is a covered porch, where guests can view the gorgeous water your meal was just retrieved from.

  • The staff is fabulous, happy to tell you about the day’s catch, their favorite combinations, and any other tid-bit you might have questions about (trust us, we quizzed them).

  • The “shack” part serves as a seafood stand and minimart of other local offerings.  This is most definitely worth a look. We picked up a couple of Scottish pates that were excellent and wish we had splurged more.

  • One warning- we’ve heard their hours are very variable, as we have found typical of many local places around here.  We got lucky- but having had it now, we certainly would have waited for it to open. Just maybe don’t push the closing time.

Now, what you care about, the seafood:

  • Oysters - obviously.  They’re fresh, well shucked, large, and 1.25 pounds each- a bargain compared to what is seen elsewhere in the UK.  They come simple, with the choice of one dressing they spray atop each crustacean for you.

  • Soup - whatever they have that day.  Ours was mackerel - light and warm, perfect to combat the (probable) rain you’ll encounter. Only 2 pounds

  • Langoustine - now, in the UK, langoustine means shrimp, and I was momentarily disappointed when my peewee langoustine emerged from the bar.  Until I tasted it.

  • Mussels - Only 5 pounds for a generous portion of plump, well dressed shellfish. They’re fabulous.

  • Lobster and chips! - This wasn’t on the menu when we stopped by, but the reviews for this dish are gushing, and it.  Sounds. Heavenly.

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