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The Author:

My lust for exploration began as a kid, when every meal out was an adventure.  I would drag friends to outlandish restaurants, much to their chagrin, to see something new- to literally get a taste of elsewhere.  I got lucky landing a job that required international travel very young, and I was immediately hooked.  I love getting into the groove of a new culture, learning the daily routine and the parts of the day that make people so different.  

A Day Away:

"Having" to travel for your job is a great excuse to be on the go, but it doesn't leave a whole lot of time to see the places you visit.  I became frustrated in late-night researching sessions, finding that most guides focus on the well-known suggestions (think Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Skytree) instead of looks into what really makes up a place and the people living in it.  Also, a lot of these sites stick to   either luxury trips or bootstrap travel, and life is a mix of both. I love a good hole in the wall just as much as a Michelin star and am willing to huff it in a car for a week to afford a night wrapped up in Egyptian cotton.

I hope to create resource for learning, planning, and budgeting. Every activity, meal or drink comes with a price, and every one will be listed here. I hope by sharing experiences, what's worth the money (and what maybe isn't), and my own mistakes on the road, you can enjoy your own trips more. And maybe I can convince you to try an offal or two ;)

Follow A Day Away to learn a slew of money saving travel tips, which excursions are worth the splurge, and how (oh, how?) to make it around the world as a foreigner. I hope this blog will encourage everyone to make their travel dreams possible, no matter the budget, destination, or time restrictions.