The London Mashup

This is our favorite kind of day- going from 5-star to fabulous hole-in-the-wall in a matter of hours. Here, we mashed up some of my old standard stops, some classic sights, and some new discoveries for a well-rounded day in London Town.

Sky Garden at cocktail hour.  Stunning!

Sky Garden at cocktail hour.  Stunning!



10:00 - Help yourself to a full British (or American, but, why?) breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Angel. Offering everything from porridge to disco fries, even the most difficult eaters can find their fill here.
Price: 3- 11₤


11:00 - Now that you have one budget-friendly stop under your belt, head over to Liberty department store on Regent St. Here, even window shopping feels expensive, with lush walls and brightly printed fabrics covering every square inch. Housed in a cute, old-style building, Liberty sells everything from stationery to fragrances - all offered in a variety of very British patterns.
Price: 0 - a ton


Neal's Yard in a relatively quiet moment

Neal's Yard in a relatively quiet moment


12:00    A quick walk through some quaint alley-ways will bring you to Neal’s Yard.  You may recognize this spot from social media, and the brightly painted, squished abodes are worth the stop. Park it with a delicious cup of coffee from Jacob the Angel and enjoy the view.
Price: 2₤ for the coffee

london tube- a day away.jpg


1:30  Next, pop up north a tad for a staple London lunch- all you can eat Indian for under 8 quid at Indian Veg. Stuff your gullet while perusing the amusing vegitarian propaganda plastered everywhere in the restaurant, and leave feeling like you did a good deed. Note well though, veggie doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, there’s plenty of fried fun happening here too.
Price: 7.95 ₤


3:00  Now it’s time for the classically British high tea. We couldn’t decide on the best, so for this splurge we are suggesting two options. At the Ritz, you’ll indulge in a classic high tea with all the accouterments, from jam and clotted cream to a plethora of sandwiches and scones. You can add champagne, too, and make a whole afternoon of it. For a less traditional option, Sosharu is fantastic. Adding a Japanese twist to the afternoon ceremony, the spread includes delightful sushi and an array of less than traditional desserts (think sesame praline, nori crumble, and matcha). Both are worth the wallet bust.
Price: Ritz 57₤, Sosharu 28₤ (alcohol available for additional charge)

london- budget travel -a day away.jpg


4:30  Stroll on over to St. James Park to walk off a few calories and take in some fresh air while surrounded by London’s most postcard-worthy icons. The westerly side of the park backs up to Buckingham Palace, home of her majesty and the royal family, while the east end leads you to the Parliamentary halls, Big Ben, and the London Eye. Feel free to make friends with the local woodland critters there too; squirrels, ducks, and pigeons are roaming about everywhere.
Price: Free, maybe a piece of bread if you want to feed to wildlife.


5:30  Continue your walk along the river to the arguably infamous ‘Walkie-Talkie’ where you’ll find an entirely different view of the city from 35 floors up. Here, at Sky Garden, you can grab a drink and some bites with your head in the clouds and a 360-degree panoramic view of the city skyline. The scenery from this park in the sky, especially if you’re surrounded by the London fog is spectacular. Grab a cocktail and wander through the coves at each of the massive area’s different levels and watch the sunset (if you can see it).
Price: Free entry, cocktails starting around 11₤


8:00  After you’ve warmed up for the evening a bit, head North East for a show at the Moth Club. Quietly boasting shows from some of the best up-and-comers from the UK and US, this intimate venue nearly guarantees you’ll be amongst a local music savvy crowd.
Price: 5 ₤ for a drink


Whenever the lights come on and you start to stumble home, stop for some late night fish & chips or halal. With a stand for either within eyesight at virtually any point in the city, one of these drunk delicacies are a standard must-do when visiting London. You can add a bag of prawn crisps or pork scratchings for 1₤ if you need some texture, too.
Price: 5-7₤

london- budget travel-a day away.jpg